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Organisation Introduction

1s1 Energy Portugal is a private Portuguese materials science company established in 2020 to work on breakthrough technology in the fields of PEM water electrolysis and fuel cells. The company aims to develop and manufacture next-generation water electrolysis equipment for low-cost green hydrogen production and components for fuel cells.


1s1 leverages boron-based materials to build next-generation electrolyzers for low-cost hydrogen production. 1s1’s unique ion-exchange materials overcome the fundamental limitations of today’s proton-exchange-membrane (PEM) electrolyzers. The ELECTROLIFE project provides a unique opportunity to help develop novel testing protocols with the project’s other partners and demonstrate the enhanced durability and performance of 1s1’s electrolyzer and different types of advanced electrolyzers. 1s1 aims to contribute unique insights for developing testing protocols and demonstrate advanced electrolyzers to support the decarbonization of European and global industries.


1s1 will provide the consortium partners with proprietary electrochemical materials for testing using single cells and short-stack prototypes developed by the company.

1s1 will support experimental testing activities, analysis of results, and post-mortem analysis to understand our materials performance and durability. Throughout the testing process, 1s1 will provide input for developing novel testing protocols and guidelines related to performance improvement and lifetime extension. Finally, 1s1 will support the communication of project results to maximize the dissemination of the technology developed under this grant.

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“The ELECTROLIFE project provides the resources to understand next generation electrolyzer durability and to develop models for degradation and methods for accelerated durability testing.”

Project progress

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