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AAU Energy

Organisation Introduction

The Dep. Of AAU Energy is a part of Aalborg University, which has been ranked the best European University 6 years in a row. Our researchers are in top 1% for most cited and AAU Energy send approx. 30 PHDs into the world every year. We aim to work closely with private companies, research institutions and authorities, and have close to 200 ongoing projects. The foundation for the university is Problem Based Learning and we educate engineers at diploma, bachelor, and master level. For the last couple of years our research has been mission driven and our overall goal is green transition with 7 missions to support that goal.


AAU Energy has a long experience in electrolysis and in general on Hydrogen related technologies. AAU Energy’s blend of strong industry ties, a focus on critical national energy priorities, a culture of innovation, and a deep commitment to sustainability make it an ideal leader for the ELECTROLIFE project. Our extensive experience and strategic position in the realm of electrolysis and hydrogen technologies enable us to drive forward the development and optimization of these crucial energy solutions, in line with EU s green transition goals.


AAU Energy will lead the effort to develop an undersitanding the degradation mechanism of different type of technologies, the impact on performance and operation and the methods to model the physics behind these mechanism. The modelling efford will proced at different levels and in cooperation with our dedicated research and industrial partners.


“The ELECTROLIFE project has gathered the foremost experts from both electrolysis research and the industry to propel the advancement of this pivotal technology for the future of our energy system in EU. We are delighted to be part of this journey!”

Project progress


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