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Enel Green Power S.p.A.

Organisation Introduction

Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company dedicated to the development and operation of renewable energy plants. The Rome-based company has over 1,200 plants worldwide: in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. World leader in clean energy, with a total capacity of approximately 61 GW and a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric, as well as storage plants. Storage batteries will be a key element for the energy transition, necessary to improve the flexibility of the electricity system and load management, and the ability to overcome the intermittency of renewable sources, thus guaranteeing security of supply. Thanks to technological innovation and internationally recognized operational excellence, Enel Green Power also works on the repowering of existing renewable plants, to increase their efficiency and reduce generation costs. On the environmental sustainability front, the company’s development strategy foresees 100% renewable production and zero emissions by 2040.


Enel Green Power is committed to supporting technology development to enable green hydrogen competitiveness. Green hydrogen is an important and valuable tool for decarbonisation, targeting sectors where electrification is not an option and where it has the greatest potential for reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, green hydrogen plants could play a significant role when coupled with renewables, guaranteeing greater operational flexibility and getting the most from renewable resources. To foster green hydrogen competitiveness, in addition to the performance and cost, improvements in the useful life of electrolysis technologies are needed. EGP is committed to the ELECTROLIFE project aims, understanding and characterizing degradation mechanisms of the main present and future electrolysis technologies, to minimize it both by design and by operative modes and therefore extend the useful life of electrolyser plants once in operation.


Enel Green Power, bringing its experience in the development, engineering and operation of renewable and green hydrogen plants, as well as in adopting new technologies in industrial settings, plays a pivotal role in bridging scientific and industrial partners, facilitating collaboration and ensuring alignment towards industrial adoption. It coordinates the development of testing tools, like test benches and diagnostic systems. Utilizing its expertise in operating renewable plants, it leads operative strategies and guidelines for electrolyser lifetime extension in real business environments. Furthermore, the company spearheads the exploitation of project results towards industrial-ready applications, integrating IP protection strategies for safeguarding innovations.


“The ELECTROLIFE-project helps us to push the frontiers of science, with the aim to keep transferring cutting-edge technology to our industrial customers.”

“At Enel Green Power, we are glad to partnering to advance technology development for the competitiveness of green hydrogen. By collaborating on projects like ELECTROLIFE, focusing on extending the useful life of electrolysis technologies, we aim to drive research towards practical industrial applications.”

Project progress

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