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Organisation Introduction

KERIONICS is dedicated to the development of solutions and products aligned with the industrial challenges posed by the zero-energy impact economy (Green Hydrogen, Decarbonization, Energy Storage, Renewable generation, Electrification). Our mission is the development, manufacturing and commercialization of the core components for high temperature electrolyzers. KERIONICS was born for the commercial exploitation of the patented R&D solutions developed by the Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ), a joint research centre between the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the UPV.


ELECTROLIFE is the perfect match for KERIONICS, as we work in the continuous pursuit of innovation. While ELECTROLIFEs project wants to compare the degradation of different hydrogen production technologies, KERIONICS remains committed to the development of innovative products. And one of our development paths is the development of new hydrogen production products. The perfect alignment of the vision of both companies and the strong commitment to the new decarbonisation solution makes the perfect tandem to bring the future into the present.

In this context, KERIONICS fits perfectly into the ELECTROLIFE environment, adding value, and taking value back from the consortium.


During the ELECTROLEFE project KERIONICS will develop a PROTONIC stack for hydrogen production. The hydrogen sector is experiencing increasing activity, due to governmental concern to decarbonise the industry, and two methods of electrolysis for hydrogen production, alkaline and PEM, have been coexisting within the sector. Leading innovators including KERIONICS are looking at new high temperature electrolysis technologies, i.e. Solyd oxide electrolysis, this disruptive technology is at the core of the KERIONICS company. And the PROTONICS stack is an even newer and more innovative technology of these high-temperature electrolysis technologies.

Therefore, KERIONICS will participate during the ELECTROLIFE project in the development of a disruptive technology, fortunately we already have knowledge applicable to this technology as part of our know-how.


“Thanks to the ELECTROLIFE project, KERIONICS leads the charge in technological innovation in Spain, driving the forefront of creative advancements to reshape industries and drive progress forward.

Through the ELECTROLIFE project, KERIONICS spearheads the creation of new technologies, pioneering innovation in Spain and beyond to propel industries into the future.”

Project progress


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