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Pietro Fiorentini

Organisation Introduction

Pietro Fiorentini, founded in Bologna in 1940, is one of the major industrial companies in the Northeast of Italy, with headquarters in Arcugnano (Vicenza). The Group has over 40 locations amongst its manufacturing and commercial sites, both in Italy and abroad, and employs 2,500 people worldwide. At the core of the company’s production is a wide range of technologically advanced solutions for the natural gas supply chain: treatment plants, city gates, pressure regulators, valves and gas meters. More recently, the Group is investing in new opportunities related to green energy sources such as biomethane and hydrogen, as well as expanding into neighbouring sectors such as the water cycle and waste-to-energy.


Pietro Fiorentini joined the ELECTROLIFE project to underscore its commitment to valuing resources, reducing waste and accelerating the energy transition. By participating, we aim to showcase our dedication to resource efficiency, minimizing waste, and optimizing energy processes. Through ELECTROLIFE, we seek to expedite the development of vital assets for this transition, optimizing their lifespan and avoiding the generation of scrap materials.


Pietro Fiorentini’s goal is to extend the life and improve the performance of electrolyzers by providing data, information, components and individual cells, develop a 100 cm2 active area cell, provide 4 stacks of 5 cells + 1 spare.


“Thanks to ELECTROLIFE Project and together with our partners we aim to be at the forefront of energy transition, giving our contribution to make it more sustainable in the long run and optimizing the value for today and future generations.”

Project progress


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