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Volytica diagnostics GmbH

Organisation Introduction

Volytica diagnostics GmbH, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, is a pioneer in monitoring batteries in stationary energy storage systems and electric vehicles. Our mission as an independent software provider is to offer easily accessible and agnostic technology, enabling our clients to use their energy storage system to its full potential.

The technology is scalable and unique, allowing for the analysis of field data directly transmitted from energy storage systems. Our analyses provide valuable insights into degradation, state of health, anomalies, safety risks, and additional advanced functionalities. Customers can use this information to make informed decisions, optimize maintenance schedules, enhance safety protocols, and ultimately maximize the performance and longevity of their assets.

The volytica software solution is versatile and can be used for various types of energy storage systems, from eMobility to renewable energy storage. volytica has prioritized meeting the specific needs of its customers by creating a solution that is interoperable, easy to integrate with third-party platforms, and simple to install and scale.


Efficient production of green hydrogen is the key to a sustainable energy supply. Electrolyser capacities will therefore increase dramatically over the next few years. In order to operate this large number of systems safely and efficiently while maximizing their service life, suitable diagnostic tools and efficient software solutions for monitoring and analysis are required. The expansion of volytica’s portfolio towards the monitoring of electrolysers is a logical next step in our development. Accordingly, the participation in the ELECTROLIFE-project is an important contribution to volytica’s roadmap towards the green hydrogen market. With the realization of the project, volytica will build up cutting-edge expertise in the field of performance diagnostics and aging prediction of electrolysers and take on a global pioneering role in the field of electrolyser monitoring.


volytica will contribute to the success of the project with its expertise in developing diagnostic tools and analyzing the performance of energy storage systems. By developing a cloud-based analysis platform including a user interface and state of health prediction, the partners in the project and operators of large electrolysis systems can benefit from the advantages of continuous monitoring, alerting in the event of anomalies, performance optimization and maximization of operating times.


“The ELECTROLIFE project enables us to provide our industrial customers with state-of-the-art software and diagnostic technology to optimize the operation of their electrolysis systems.”

Project progress


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